The Provision of Temporary/Casual and Contract Staff

Terms and Conditions

Before placement of a Network Recruitment Group employee, we require you to sign and return a copy or original of our Terms and Conditions.

General Conditions

Temporary employees shall be engaged for a minimum period of four (4) hours in any given day. Fees will only be charged for actual hours worked by the temporary employee. There are no charges for lunch breaks, public holidays, sick leave or time off. As a verification of the hours worked and chargeable to you, we require the timesheet docket provided by Network Recruitment Group to be signed by an authorised representative of your company. Network Recruitment Group will check references and sight permits and licences. You however, shall satisfy yourself whether they are genuine and be responsible for all statutory duties in respect to these licences and permits.

Hiring a Temp Permanent

If during the assignment, or within a period of 90 days from the last day of the assignment of the temporary employee, you decide to offer or appoint a Network Recruitment Group employee to your staff in a casual, contract or permanent basis, that offer of employment must be made through Network Recruitment Group. Please be aware that unless previously agreed, such appointments will attract a placement fee in accordance with our Permanent Placement terms and conditions. A discount fee may apply dependent upon the duration of the temporary’s last assignment to you. If a temporary employee has been with your company for six months or longer, no permanent placement fee is payable.

Rates & Charges

Hourly rates will be quoted for each assignment. Accordingly, rates will vary depending upon the skills required and length of assignment. Rates are subject to wage indexation adjustments, award increases and variations in Government taxes and levies. You will be advised of any variations at the earliest possible opportunity. Charges are made for each hour worked or part thereof, calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour.
Network Recruitment Group’s hourly rate charges are inclusive of:

  • Wages to temporary employee
  • Group Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Public Liability
  • Superannuation
  • Holiday and sick pay
  • Payment to award based Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board
  • Recruitment and Administration costs

Overtime rates, penalty allowances and provisions under the appropriate awards and agreements will be paid to the employee and charged to you if applicable. It is your responsibility to pre-approve all overtime. Site agreements must be adhered to.


Should a Network Recruitment Group temporary employee prove to be unsatisfactory and notification of this is made within the first four (4) hours of the assignment, the temporary employee will be replaced and no fees will be charged for the hours worked by the unsatisfactory temporary employee. Please note, it is required that one hours notice be given to a temporary employee if they are finishing before or after the original end date. If no notice is given, one hour’s pay will be paid to the candidate and charged to the client.

Client Obligations

The client acknowledges that we are not performing the services required of our employees or independent contractors; but are instead the supplier of our employees and independent contractors, at the client’s request, to perform the work that it has requested. From the time that our employees or independent contractors report to the client for their duties, they are under the care, control and supervision of the client for the duration of the assignment. In these circumstances, the client agrees we will not be liable to the client in respect of any damage, loss or injury of any nature or kind, however caused, whether by our negligence or the negligence of one of our workers, their servants or agents or otherwise, which may be suffered or incurred, whether directly or indirectly, in respect of the services provided under these conditions of assignment.

Occupational Safety and Health

In accepting a candidate, the client also accepts the mutual obligation all parties share under Duty of Care. The client agrees to Network Recruitment Group conducting workplace inspections relative to the work activity and environment the candidate is placed in. The client also accepts the obligation to ensure that our temporary employees receive both site and job-specific inductions covering workplace OSH requirements. Network Recruitment Group is to be notified of any changes to work assignments and of any training conducted or to be conducted to ensure the safety and health of the employee.

Client Protection

All our temporary employees are protected by our Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Network Recruitment Group is covered for Public Liability of $10,000,000. Certificates of Currency are available upon request.

Payment of Invoices

Network Recruitment Group temporary employees are paid weekly. Based on the hours worked as shown and authorised on the timesheet docket, our clients are invoiced weekly. All accounts are strictly fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed to. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts.

The Recruitment of Permanent Staff

Fee Structure

Fees are calculated on the first year’s annual salary package plus superannuation. Please contact Network Recruitment Group for a detailed copy of our Terms & Conditions. Charges are subject to GST. Fees are tax deductible.

90 Day Guarantee

To validate the guarantee, payment of our invoice must be received within our trading terms. If during the guarantee period, a candidate resigns, or the candidate’s employment is terminated because the candidate proves unable to meet the job specification as supplied to Network Recruitment Group, then Network Recruitment Group agrees to find a replacement candidate. Any further advertising if required will be charged to you at cost.
In the event that the candidate’s employment is terminated within the guarantee period due to redundancy, redeployment or restructuring of the job description caused by the client, then the guarantee period becomes invalid.
If Network Recruitment Group is not given the opportunity to replace an applicant under guarantee, our fee is non-refundable.

Third Party Referrals

The introduction of a candidate and the supply of their details is private information and strictly confidential. You shall not directly or indirectly, transfer a Network Recruitment Group candidate to any other person, firm or organisation. If a candidate introduced by Network Recruitment Group subsequently gains employment as a result of any disclosure to a third party, a placement fee will be due and payable by the client who received the initial introduction.

Deferred Employment

Should your hiring of a candidate be deferred, the minimum consultation fee will apply. The difference between the full placement fee and the minimum consultation fee will be due and payable if any candidate introduced to you is employed by you in any position within six (6) months of the initial introduction.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our candidate suits your requirements, you will need to satisfy yourself as to the applicant’s capability, integrity and general suitability. Neither Network Recruitment Group nor anyone acting on our behalf accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the candidate information supplied. Candidate information is forwarded to you on the basis that it is true and correct; however Network Recruitment Group cannot guarantee the truth or accuracy of all the material.
Network Recruitment Group shall not be liable for the loss, damage or expenses suffered or incurred by you or any other person, firm or company, by reason of the introduction or your subsequent engagement of the candidate.

Medical/Drug and Alcohol

Verification of medical history shall be the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed in writing. Network Recruitment Group can assist in arranging pre-employment medicals and Drug and Alcohol testing if required. Fees will be passed on at cost.


Advertising for a permanent position will be forwarded to the client for authorisation before being submitted to the appropriate publication. Advertising fees are passed on at cost.

Trading Terms

An invoice for recruitment services and any associated costs will be issued following the acceptance of the candidate and is payable fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice. Costs involved in the recruitment of staff are tax deductible.