“The way business recruits its workforce has changed; technology, generation Y, work/life balance, the resources boom and an impending global recession all has an impact on staffing levels and employee motivation.  Staff, once driven by the need for security, status and money are now looking for flexible hours, a fast progressing career and non-cash benefits such as access to a gym.

An organisation’s culture is as important today as pay to the modern job seeker. Happiness and fulfilment at work relies on the employee fitting in and enjoying the culture of an organisation. At Network Recruitment Group we focus our recruitment strategy on making the right match between employer and employee.

Network Recruitment Group gives employers and employees a stress-free transition to fulfilling their employment needs – taking the hard work out of your search. Network Recruitment Group is a boutique recruitment organisation which offers an individual recruitment process and a personal touch that is so often neglected by larger international companies.”

Esi Garcia, Managing Director